Business consultants in Benalmádena

We are professional business consultants in Benalmádena

The main work we do in Dirección Estratégica Integral is to be business consultants. Thanks to our work with businesses all over Andalusia, we have come to Benalmádena to give a quality service, personalized to each company and with which they can effectively achieve their objectives.

The work of a business consultant is methodical, always based on data and verifiable facts, to minimize risks in decision making. Thanks to a long experience working with many different cases, the team that forms Dirección Estratégica Integral can face any challenge successfully.

Specific tasks performed by business consultants

To begin our work as business consultants, the first thing we do is an exhaustive analysis and study of the business or department in question. We focus on markets, marketing and communication strategies, employee relations and schedules…

The second thing is to investigate what the problem is: it may be that there is no growth, that there are losses, that a new product has not been as successful as expected… You may have already noticed some of these situations in your company in Benalmádena, but there may be others that you have not noticed.

Below is the strategy to be followed with a SWOT chart of weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities. It is important to know the competitors and measure all the objectives quantitatively.

The last step is to implement the plan. Our work together with the members of the business is fundamental to establish the changes that must be carried out, the evolution of the plan and the failures to correct them immediately.

Once all the steps have been carried out and the process has been carefully controlled, your company in Benalmádena will be able to correct all the problems it had and thus start to be profitable.

You can count on our services as business consultants

If you have a business in Benalmádena do not hesitate and count on our services as business consultants by contacting us. We will be able to make a very detailed analysis of your business to identify the problems that can be solved and the aspects to be improved, so that you have more benefits and loyal customers with differentiated products.

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