Consultants for businesses in Torremolinos

We are consultants and help businesses in Torremolinos

In Dirección Estratégica Integral we have the objective of helping the businesses of Torremolinos to carry out their projects successfully. Our organization provides services as consultants from the trust and joint work with the management teams of the companies that make up our client portfolio.

We provide services of productivity and competitiveness, human, financial and fiscal resources, management certifications, improvement of production systems and training.

Our complete team, made up of three partners and a team of qualified workers committed to each of the projects we organise, will help you with any problem your company is having that does not allow you to achieve greater profits and better results.  Our partners are a lawyer specialising in labour law, an economist and an expert in quality systems and food safety.

Get your management certifications in Torremolinos

If your business in Torremolinos needs a management certification, we as consultants can process it so that you have it as soon as possible. We work with IFS, BRC, Q, 9001 and many more.

The IFS certificate indicates that your company has established relevant processes to ensure the safety of the products it manufactures and that it is respecting customer specifications.

The BRC certificate proposes quality and food safety protocols for two things: ensuring that suppliers are complying and that retailers can guarantee the safety and quality of the products they sell.

The ISO 9001 certificate is one of the most demanded among the companies of Torremolinos because it is the most used in the relationships between customers and national and international suppliers. It serves to indicate that your business has an effective quality management system that allows it to continuously manage and improve the quality of its products.

Trust the experience of Dirección Estratégica Integral

If you need help in your business in Torremolinos to obtain any of the certificates we have mentioned, or you want to successfully carry out a project, contact Dirección Estratégica Integral. We are consultants and we have great experience and professionalism working with companies from many different sectors.

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