Management consulting for Malaga

Consultancy in strategic and operational management in Malaga

At Dirección Estratégica Integral we provide management consultancy services for companies in Malaga. The objective is that they can be more competitive and improve their business results. To do this, there are two levels of management: strategic and operational management.

The strategic one is formed by the government, the direction, the design of corporative strategies, etc. On the other hand, the operative is formed by the optimization of the direction, the management and the business processes, etc.

Works that we do of consultancy in strategic management

For strategic management, the consultancy we do in Malaga has the following services:

  • External accompaniment, participation in boards of directors, we do management tasks and temporary management in companies that have special situations, and articulate protocols in family businesses.

To improve the strategy and competitiveness of these companies in Malaga, we do the following:

  • Strategic plans, we establish organic and inorganic growth objectives and strategies, business plans to launch new business units, and we formalize alliances between companies.

Works that we do of consultancy in operative management

In the operative management consultancy for Malaga companies, we improve their organisation and management with the following services:

  • We redesigned the organizations and the models of participation, we also redesigned the management system, and we optimized the business processes.
  • For its development in the market, it is essential to make studies and analysis of markets and make a marketing plan, in addition to being able to make plans to internationalize the company.
  • Finally, for product development, we define the growth and diversification strategies of the company’s products.

As you can see, our management consultancy is very complete, professional and experienced. We have already helped many clients to improve their companies, always from closeness and trust.

Within our team you will find a labour lawyer, an economist and an expert in quality systems and food safety. They will make your business in Malaga go ahead and improve profits, as well as loyal clients.

If you also need services like management certificates, such as ISO or BRC, count on Dirección Estratégica Integral. Contact us so that we can study your case and offer you the best solutions for your business.

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