Consultant for ISO 9001 Certification in Marbella

Consultant to have the ISO 9001 Certification in Marbella

When working directly with companies, it is very important for us to offer complete and professional services. Our objective in Dirección Estratégica Integral is to help Marbella companies to achieve their objectives in a fast and effective way. Your trust is our priority, and we work side by side with each company.

Within this wide range of services that we can offer, is to give the ISO 9001 Certification to companies that are in Marbella. It is a very important certification for the companies, and that our team manages for each one of the clients in a personalized way.

What is the ISO 9001 Certification for companies in Marbella?

This certification serves to demonstrate that a company in Marbella has all the quality management elements it needs for its Quality Management System to be effective. This system helps business customers know that their supplier is constantly improving their products or services.

In the same way, it is an important competitive advantage to have the ISO 9001 Certification, as there are more and more customers looking for suppliers who have it, so they can be totally sure that they will have the best products.

The clauses that make up this standard are, among others, the following: normative references, object and field of application, terms and definitions, leadership, organizational context, planning, etc.

Trust the experience of Dirección Estratégica Integral

Thanks to a complete team with three partners, you will be able to obtain the ISO 9001 Certification in Marbella quickly and start standing out from the competition. Our partners are: a lawyer specializing in labour law, an economist and a quality systems expert.

We have already helped hundreds of clients in different aspects such as productivity and competitiveness, labour services and human resources, financial and tax, organization and improvement of production systems, etc..

The trust placed in Dirección Estratégica Integral by important companies such as Abades, Inergia, Coverpan or Comercial Ramos is our main guarantee of effectiveness and efficiency.

If you have a company in Marbella, and you need this certification from a consultant who has the utmost professionalism, contact us and we will inform and advise you personally.

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