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Services and certificates with our consultant in Malaga

Running a business is a complicated task because there are many factors that can affect its performance: employees, the economy, technological advances

Therefore, having a consultant is essential at certain times for the company’s activity to continue, evolve and improve profits.

If your company is in Malaga, you can count on the Dirección Estratégica Integral consultancy services. We work with all types of businesses and customers from the proximity and trust with their management teams. We specialize in projects of professionalization and improvement of production systems.

Services to companies that we provide as consultants in Malaga

Among the services that you will find in our consultant office in Malaga Dirección Estratégica Integral is the improvement of productivity and competitiveness, services related to labor and human resources, financial and fiscal, organization and improvement of production systems, training and management certifications.

This last service, management certifications such as ISO 9001, IFS or BRC is one of the most demanded.

Obtain your IFS management certificate with our consultant

The IFS (International Food Standard) is a safety system for food companies that provides a common standard for food quality and safety, as well as globalization in the distribution of food products.

If your company in Malaga is going to export food to Germany, France, Italy or Holland, with our consultancy you will be able to obtain this certificate quickly and easily.

It has several benefits, such as the guarantee that you comply with the legislation, the best control of production, the continuous improvement of your activity and your competitive advantage

Trust in the Dirección Estratégica Integral team

As a business consultant, we have the best team to carry out all projects successfully. We are formed by three partners and a team of committed and experienced workers.

Among our partners are an expert lawyer in labour law, an economist and an expert in quality systems and food safety.

If you notice that your company does not stay or does not take off in the market, both nationally and internationally, count on our consultancy in Malaga. We will help you to analyze your company in detail, to find the points of improvement and to be able to change them as soon as possible.

We always work from trust, closeness and commitment to work. If you need more information, please contact us.

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