Consulting firm in Malaga for ISO 9001 Certification

Obtain the ISO 9001 Certification with our consulting firm

The objective of Dirección Estratégica Integral is to provide consultancy services to Malaga companies so that they can achieve their objectives in an effective and professional manner. We like to create trust with our clients, since in each project we work from the proximity with the management teams of the different companies.

We specialize in professionalization projects and the improvement of production systems. Our team is formed by a team of workers very committed to each project we carry out in Malaga, and our partners are: a lawyer expert in labor law, an economist and an expert in quality systems and food safety.

Among the services of the consulting firm, we have to give the ISO 9001 Certification to companies in Malaga. We will discuss what it is and why it is very useful for your business.

Find out more about the ISO 9001 Certification in Malaga

This certification is a standard that verifies that a company has all the elements of quality management necessary to have a completely effective system that allows it to improve the quality of products or services offered.

It is very useful for you because there are many customers in Malaga who rely on ISO 9001 when choosing a supplier. They want to hire someone who has a good Quality Management System.

It is not compulsory to have this Certification, but it is necessary when you want to maintain your competitive position in the market.

The structure of ISO 9001 is made up of the following clauses: object and field of application, normative references, terms and definitions, organizational context, leadership, planning, support, operation, performance evaluation and improvement.

Get with DEI your ISO 9001 Certification in Malaga

Start enjoying the advantages of having a Certification that ensures compliance with the ISO 9001 Standard for any business in Malaga. Your customers will be reassured knowing that their supplier always offers the products and services with the highest quality, and you will achieve a higher number of sales and a better competitive position in the market.

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