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We process all management certifications in Malaga

If you have a company in Malaga and you are looking to obtain management certifications, you can count on the services of Dirección Estratégica Integral. In our organization we provide consulting services to other businesses and work side by side with their management teams so they can improve their activity, their organizational structure and thus be more successful in the market.

There are many different types of certifications, each with a goal, but which will position and differentiate you from the competitors. Customers are increasingly looking for these certifications to ensure that they are trusting an innovative company that works at the forefront of the sector and guarantees a high level of quality.

We will now explain to you what some of these management certifications that we process in Malaga consist of.

Know all the management certifications for your company

The first management certification that we process in Malaga is the BRC. It proposes certain quality and food safety protocols to ensure that suppliers and retailers have tools to guarantee the safety and security of the food they sell. It can be applied both to the manufacture of food and to its packaging, storage and distribution.

Other certifications are the IFS, which have eight standards in total. This assures your customers that you can guarantee the safety of the products you manufacture. These products include not only foodstuffs but can also be adapted to brokers, logistics services, household cleaning and personal hygiene products, etc.

Finally we are going to comment on the ISO 9001 management certification, one of the best known and most demanded in Malaga. This is the basis of the Quality Management System and guarantees that the company has an effective system to manage and constantly improve the quality of its products or services.

Take advantage of the services of our consultancy in Malaga

In addition to the processing of management certifications, you can take advantage of many other services provided by our professional team in Malaga such as labor and human resources, financial and fiscal, training, etc.

If you need more information contact with Dirección Estratégica Integral and we will advise you personally.

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