Management consultancy in Malaga

Management consultancy to help companies in Málaga

If your company is having problems to reach a competitive position in the market, or wants to launch new products but does not know well if they will be successful, it is necessary a management consultancy as we do in Dirección Estratégica Integral.We specialise in helping companies in Malaga to improve their business, the organisation of their members and their profits in the short, medium and long term.

We work with management consultancy in Malaga at two levels: the strategic level and the operational level.

Strategic level in management consultancy in Malaga

The strategic level of management consultancy we do in Malaga is made up of company governance, management, business strategies and many other elements.

The services that we do in Dirección Estratégica Integral here are the following:

  • External accompaniment, management of the business during specific moments, elaboration of protocols in the case of family businesses, we make alliances with other businesses that are beneficial for your company…

All the objectives we set ourselves in our company are measurable and realistic, based on competitors, demand, the market and previous results. At every moment we make controls to avoid errors during the management consulting process.

Operational level in management consultancy in Malaga

In this case, the operational level is made up of management and business processes, resource optimisation, etc.

The services we provide as management consultants for companies in Malaga are as follows:

  • We change the organisation of the company and improve its processes
  • We organize new actions based on the market
  • We develop growth strategies for the products that are already in the portfolio, and for new products that are to be launched

Your company in Malaga does not have to become your big disappointment, or something that brings you debt and economic problems. Supporting you in Dirección Estratégica Integral will help you to get ahead and position yourself in the market as one of the companies of reference.

Our professionals will advise you and resolve your doubts at all times, so that you can take an active part in management consultancy and see how we are changing your business for the better, and how you should act from then on to maintain and improve the results obtained.

If you would like more information about this type of consultancy, or any of the other services we have available for businesses throughout the province of Malaga like ISO 9001 certification, please contact Dirección Estratégica Integral.

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