Management consultancy in Torremolinos

We do professional management consultancy in Torremolinos

Having a management consultancy service can be the necessary step for your company to achieve the position in the market you were looking for, that you can take out products successfully and that your organization is optimal.

Therefore, if you have a business in Torremolinos, you can count on all the professional services of Dirección Estratégica Integral. We carry out management consultancy for two levels: the strategic level and the operational level.

Management consultancy at a strategic level in Torremolinos

The strategic level is formed by the company’s governance, management, business strategies

Here, the management consultancy we provide to companies in Torremolinos has services such as the following:

  • External accompaniment, management of the business for a determined time, creation of protocols for family businesses, etc.

If you are having problems with the strategy that your company is following, since you are not able to have that competitive position in the market of Torremolinos that you are looking for, from Dirección Estratégica Integral we make new plans, with realistic and measurable objectives that we constantly control to detect errors, we form alliances with other businesses that are beneficial for both, etc.

Management consultancy at operational level in Torremolinos

The operational level consists of management and business processes, optimization of available resources

Here our management consulting services for companies in Torremolinos are different:

  • We modify the organization of the company and improve the processes
  • We manage new actions in the company based on market analysis
  • We make growth strategies for the products that the business already has, and for the new ones that you want to put on the market

Having a company in Torremolinos is not easy, especially if you have to manage a big team and have a lot of competitors. Always count on the services of a consultancy such as Dirección Estratégica Integral and make all your actions, products and changes in the business make sense and lead to the achievement of clear objectives.

Trust our team, which has been helping all kinds of companies, private and public, in Torremolinos for many years with management consultancy. If you need more information, contact us without obligation.

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