Management consulting in Benalmádena

Management consulting in Benalmádena for business

If you have a company in Benalmádena, it has the services of Dirección Estratégica Integral for management consulting. These consultancies are made to help businesses to have a better competitive position and improve their results in the medium and long term. There are two levels: strategic and operational management. The strategic level is formed by the company’s governance, management, corporate strategies, etc. The operational level is formed by the management and business processes, the optimization of resources, etc.

We help you with strategic management consulting

On the one hand, for the strategic management, the consulting that we carry out in Benalmádena has services such as

  • External accompaniment, participation in the administration, direction and temporary management of some companies, and articulation of the protocols in the cases of family businesses.

With the objective of improving the strategy and competitive situation of the businesses in Benalmádena, we do:

  • Strategic plans, we propose realistic and measurable objectives, we make plans to launch new business units, we make alliances between companies for mutual benefit, etc.

Operational management consulting for Benalmádena

On the other hand, the services we provide in operational management consulting are different:

  • We change the design of the organization and the participation model. We also redesign management and improve business processes.
  • Thanks to the analysis of market studies and marketing plans we can boost the company’s actions, both nationally and internationally.
  • We propose growth and diversification strategies for the products the company has, and for those it wants to create in the future.

If you have a company in Benalmádena and you want to improve your figures and results, you can count on all the services of Dirección Estratégica Integral. Our team is formed by a lawyer specialized in labor law, an economist and an expert in quality systems and food safety.

We have an important portfolio of clients that we have already helped with other services such as management certificates, labour and human resources issues, or in training matters.

Trust our experience and professionalism to give your business the boost it needs to establish itself in a competitive position in the market. Contact us if you need more information.

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