Occupational risk prevention plan

We process your business’ occupational risk prevention plan

An occupational risk prevention plan is a tool that integrates prevention into a company’s entire system, both in terms of its activities and its hierarchical levels.

This plan must contain the company’s organisational structure and must specify the responsibilities, functions, practices, procedures, resources and processes. The final objective is to put in place concrete preventive actions at work.

From Dirección Estratégica Integral we take charge of helping companies to draw up their own plan for the prevention of occupational risks, a task that is not simple as it requires an evaluation of the occupational risks and planning of the preventive activity.

What does the occupational risk prevention plan have?

A business’ occupational risk prevention plan must contain the following basic elements:

  • Identification of the company. It must state what activity it does, the premises and establishments it has and its characteristics. Also the number of workers.
  • Organisational structure of the company. The responsibilities and tasks of each person in the business must be indicated, as well as the hierarchy and communication between them.
  • Organisation of production. This includes the processes, practices and organisational procedures that exist in the company.
  • Organisation of prevention. A preventive modality must be chosen to be followed by the company in its occupational risk prevention plan, and what the representative bodies are going to be.
  • Company policy. The company’s objectives regarding occupational risk prevention must be specified, as well as the human, technical, material and economic resources that will be used for this purpose.

We help you with your occupational risk prevention plan

The consultancy firm of Málaga Dirección Estratégica Integral will help your company to get all the data to have this plan of prevention of labour risks as soon as possible.  We work together with the managers of the companies from the confidence and the personalized advice.

Once you have written this document, it must always be available in all the establishments that your company has. It will also have to be available to the labour authority, health authorities or workers’ representatives.

Our team is perfectly qualified to draw up this type of plan, and we have long experience working with private and public companies. If you want more information about how to have the occupational risk prevention plan in your business, the budget or any other question, contact us. We have many other services aimed at helping companies such as obtaining management certifications (ISO, BRC, IFS…), improving productivity and competitiveness, training, improving production systems, etc.

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