Strategic consulting in Malaga

We offer professional strategic consulting service in Malaga

From Dirección Estratégica Integral we have the objective to achieve that our clients can carry out their projects and businesses in Malaga in a successful way. To do this, we have a professional service of strategic consulting that is aimed at helping professionals and companies to enhance their businesses.

Performing this consultancy implies that changes are made within the company to optimize its activity. Regardless of the sector or the size of the business, the first thing that is done is a market research and analysis to ensure success.

Best reasons to do a strategic consultancy in Malaga

There are many questions that strategic consulting, always carried out by the professional team of Dirección Estratégica Integral in Malaga, can answer.

The first thing is to know the segment of clients who buy from you, those you want to get and those you are interested in, such as influencers.

Then there is the knowledge of your competitors, which is fundamental to avoid doing the same as them and not standing out. You have to offer more value to consumers. This is directly related to the analysis of your products: if they are being renewed, if they are competitive, if they have new features, etc.

It is also important to know the market in which you are going to operate and its trends, the legislation, the economic situation… All this will affect the marketing strategy.

Classification of the strategic consulting in Malaga

There are several levels of strategy: the branding strategy, the marketing and communication strategy, and the sales strategy.

The branding strategy includes both the name and the design of your brand, taking into account that it must reflect the image of the business and tell the customer why it is better than the others.

The marketing and communication strategy defines the marketing plan and puts it into practice. It will establish the message to be sent, where and when and which media will be used.

Finally, in the sales strategy all the previous information will be gathered in order to qualify the sales opportunities and closing of the sale.

This whole process is somewhat complex and you must trust a professional team like that in our technical office to carry it out effectively. If you have a company in Malaga and want more information about strategic consulting, contact us.

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